In order to respond the policy ”One belt and one road” from Mr.XI, Which is the chairman of China, LIANYUNGANG government hold The 2th CHINA (LIANYUNGANG) SILK ROAD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS EXPO on 9.21.2015.
The organizer invited foreign guests from more than 12 countries, which located along the Eurasian Continental bridge.
As all know, a well commercial environment must be guaranteed by a public security situation. So Lianyungang public security bureau also held an extra exhibition ”police equipment exhibition”.
SINOTURK QINGDAO HEAVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD ,as the most important special equipment manufacturer in China, also been invited by organizer.  Our armored riot vehicle was showed on this exhibition.  Now this kind product already equipped in the Uganda, Senegal, Congo and PKF of UN. Differ from normal police anti-hijacking vehicle, armored riot vehicle equipped more thicker armors around body. It could stop 12.7mm bullets from 100m in front of vehicle, and 7.62mm armor-piercing bullet in side of vehicle. Whole vehicle could also resist claymores. It is far beyond the standard requirements from police.
All the visitors showed great interesting, and the officer of Lianyungang public security bureau said: The anti-terrorist situations are more and more hard now, normal police equipment can not fit for these hard situations. In order to safeguard this important commercial area, this kind of product could just fill the blank of hard anti-terrorist work!